Spanish Series “relatos Con-fin-a-dos” Review

lberto Amman and Clara Mendez play two roommates

I do not know if any of you got to see that scarecrow that TVE filmed during the confinement entitled Diaries of the quarantine. A series that received sticks from all sides, although I did not get to see, giving my automatic veto to all the Spanish series shot by the open networks.

I guess Confined Stories shouldn’t be much better. To think that Amazon would give a little more substance to production is to be naive. There are five very limited stories. As they were filmed during confinement, it could only be done with couples of actors such as Alberto Amman and Clara Mendez or Luis Tosar and Maria Luisa Mayol. Be careful, they do not interpret themselves, but fictional characters who are a couple in a supposed fiction.

In other cases, someone who has chosen the title of actress as an “actress” has chosen it because habit does not make the friar and for me Sara Salamo has as an actress what I would cure if I disguised myself in a cassock. Salamo goes out with his royal partner, the Real Madrid footballer Isco, who although Andalusian, lacks grace and salt shaker and is limited in his appearance to putting that face of bread so his.

Actors communicated with each other by video call

In other cases it has been filmed with actors who communicate with each other by video call.

All this greatly limits production. In fact the montage and sound are appalling. But perhaps the worst are sloppy, improvised scripts that reveal a huge lack of imagination and talent. With little you can do a lot, when the creative capacity shines. In Confined Tales, it is conspicuous by its absence. His final script turns are fully predictable from the title or from his first minutes.

They are sold as romantic or horror comedy stories. and behind them are renowned directors such as Fernando Colomo, Álvaro Fernandez Armero etc. I wonder what his role will have been limited since the film camera has been the actors’ computer screen. I suppose that they have focused on an attempt to edit the images so that the thing seems less amateur than the final result reveals.

I understand that these are difficult times for the seventh art. That for a time the filming will not be as before and there will be less physical contact. And starting from there, with this series of shorts of about 20 minutes in length, it happens to me as with Diaries of the quarantine, they seem patches to give work to the actors and that the ball continues rolling. For the viewer a complete waste of time. By the way, the money from this one is not public, but the other one was shot with public money. A complete nonsense that would deserve the death penalty for the author of the idea of  throwing away public money, because for some public money does not belong to anyone (Minister Calvo dixit).

Gourmet, is the title of the short peliculas on-line Tosar y Pareja. Who plays an unscrupulous businessman who can lose everything during confinement, so he orders that they silence someone too annoying, the problem is that this assignment ends in death. And now what to do with the corpse? Gourmet has the answer.

Sandwiched between two neighbors who have met during the applause at eight in the afternoon, they meet face to face when Macarena visits Alberto, who turns out to be a serial killer. How will Maca get out of trouble without losing his life? The end is absurd nonsense. Rafa Castejon and Manuela Velasco (couple in real life) star in the chapter.


The Apprentice A veteran serial killer about to retire is tasked with teaching a new killer to replace him by video call. One of the old school, teaching what resembles a nini. A fairly predictable end and some frightful performances. Carlos Bardem doesn’t know how to change his expression and I don’t care if he comes from a family of actors. Talent is not inherited and the wise proverb from Cervantes says it. Father merchant, son knight and grandson beggar.

Finland. Alberto Amman and Clara Mendez play two roommates. Her boyfriend is in Finland and he is waiting for the confinement to pass before he can meet again. But one night a romantic slip occurs between the two that makes Finland no longer matter.

Self-tape I leave the worst for last. Sara Salamo plays an actress who must shoot a self-tape, a monologue for a casting and will need her husband to give her the reply. Nothing goes as expected and the producer who is captivated and wants to hire is not her, but him. A kind of joke without grace because Isco will be a monster with the ball on his feet (probably few think that) but his appearance in the chapter is to cry.

In short, they are short-lived, but even that does not compensate for such predictable and poor endings. When there are limitations, the imagination must save them, it is not the case of confined stories. A stupidity that will never be remembered when everything returns to normal.

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